How do you recommend taking the Essentials?
Take one tablet daily with a meal, preferably morning. This is because the meal increases bioavailability of fat-soluble vitamins. Best taken in the morning as Vitamin D may affect sleep if taken at night, also so you can gain the most out of the cognitive and energy benefits.
Where are BIOSTRONGS products made?
BioStrong products are made and formulated in Australia. Our products are made in a GMP certified manufacturing facility with non GMO ingredients; by TGA certified manufacturers. We are proud to be entirely Australian made and owned.
What are the Biostrong Essentials designed for?
Our Essentials are designed for menlooking to optimize their health, wellness and vitality, allowing peace of mind that the daily essentials are taken care of, with a potent yet simple once daily multivitamin.
Is the packaging ecofriendly?
Yes, our packaging is ecofriendly. Our mailer bags and shipping labels are fully compostable, and our bubble wrap is also biodegradable which produces a natural fertilizer with no microplastics. Our glass bottles are also ecofriendly, they can be repurposed or recycled. Our packaging is also sourced entirely from Australian businesses to reduce transport and support local business.
How are is BioStrong different?
We believe we are the innovators in the health and wellness space; we are a business with strong values that seeks to enhance mens health, wellness and vitality. At Biostrong all our products from packaging to tablet are sourced ethically in Australia, with the end customer in mind.  We are focused on educating and growing our community so we can all evolve. We have a focus on the environment, which is why we use sustainable glass bottles paired with a compostable shipping pouch and label, but it does not stop there; we are committed to donating 1% of our revenue to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. While we still have the chance. We are also committed to formulating the highest quality, scientifically backed products, to allow you to thrive.
How do I contact BioStrong?
Please email all enquiries to hello@biostrong.com.au
Why is there no fancy packaging?
Please excuse our lack of ribbons and extravagant packaging. In the interests of our values and protecting our environment, we have sent your essentials in packaging that may not be the most appealing to your eye – but the most appealing for our planet. As you can see, every single thing we have used to get the product from our door to yours, is biodegradable or compostable. So, after you have received your product, you can keep your conscious clean popping our shipping materials straight into the bin and if you wish, our shipping bags and postage labels can go straight into your gardens!