Why We Started

The vision for BioStrong has grown from an ever-growing passion for the health and wellness industry.
The journey started in 2014, after Lachy’s mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This was another auto immune disease very close to home; after watching his Grandad suffer with Parkinson’s disease and slowly deteriorate due to the disease.
After a horrifying google search into the disease (MS) and a day or two of pondering, he decided to look deeper into the factors and treatments for such diseases.
Through the research and going deep into the rabbit hole of longevity, studies on disease prevention and all the factors related to health optimization, it was clear that lifestyle, diet, and supplementation play a major role in all factors of wellbeing. Pairing this with watching his mother keep the disease at bay with the application of diet changes and supplementation, sparked a journey into health optimization.
Another motivator behind launching the brand was the view that through the BioStrong community, we could have a huge positive impact on the world, in people’s lives and the natural environment. We believe that by always striving to be better today than yesterday, we can improve lives, improve the world, and begin to restore and protect our natural environment. We are here to change the health and wellness industry to not only focus on the health and wellness of people, but also our planet.
From this BioStrong was created to build a community of like-minded individuals looking to optimize their health and wellness as well as the planets. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are endless, from longevity and vitality to the mental health benefits. Lachy believes the health and wellness industry can change the lives of countless people, just as it has not only his own; but also, those closest to him.
Through BioStrong he intends to innovate and keep pushing the industry forward in a direction where impact is greater than profit and intends to achieve this through the guidance of the BioStrong community.